Colorscheme: Edit

(Not going to do a TFP homage, and gonna go do a G1 Homage.)

Pink, Salmon, and Black.

Altmode(s): Edit


Weaponry: Edit

She is much of a Melee user and just uses two blue Energon blades, though any weapon is deadly when it comes to Arcee, or other Alumni (or powerful chars, not chars like Prey).

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Personality and traits: Edit

She's a leftie.

She basically fits the archetype that most female characters are very shy and hard-to-get, but to do something ORIGINAL, I say that she also hides her emotions and is very stoic infront of people.

Specialties: Edit

Swordfighting, Greenshock's de-facto 2IC and love interest, also Marksman and Scout and Saboteur.

History: Edit

She and Greenshock were fighting Megatron, later being abandoned by 'Shock's strategical retreat. Shock felt regret, and attacked the Decepticon Base, retrieving her. She cried alot, hugging Greenshock, but then Green picked her up and ran out the base, getting a random Autobot to blow up the entire base.

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