Colorscheme: Edit

Red, white, and pink.

Appearance: Edit

See RID2001 Prowl.

Altmode(s): Edit

Some sort of fast car. (she also has alot of altmodes.)

Weaponry: Edit

she has alot of weapons, but her favorite is her gigglestrike rifles, and her 'Dealbreaker' hammer.

Optics: Edit

Her optics change in her appearances, sometimes whitened, sometimes sand blue.

Allegiance: Edit

A turncoat. She has betrayed and worked for many factions and at one time, a bounty hunter and a stunticon. She now proclaims herself an Autobot, but only Primal,The Great Randomness knows how long that'll last for.

Personality and traits: Edit

Her personality changes, but it is known that she's ambidextrous.

History: Edit

She'd fight alongside Browbeat and Backlash against Lunge and Sky-Byte. She had worked with Violetstrike in her team during Operation:Desertstorm, and would work with Jazzimus again.

It is known that she and Jazz were a thing one time.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

My best friend IRL wanted a transformer named after her, so I did that for her but the character herself is all me. (she's bad at making characters, but she had this idea of a decepticon that was 'most trusted' according to Megs.)