Americana is Nordic since Russia's a part of its land, but what would Americana Republic actually be like if it had went Full Norse?

Flag: Edit

Same "Blue,White,Green" colorscheme,but with the Nordic Cross.

Anthem: Edit

"The Time Is Now!"

Religion(s): Edit

  • Christianity (Nordic variant.) GOD WAS A VIKING! LEIF ERIKSSON AND STUFF!
  • Atheism/Irreligious/Agnostic (Close second.)
  • Traditional Norse religions (Third.)

Type of Government: Edit

Neo-Socialist Democracy. (Some socialist policies such as "Universal Healthcare" and all that stuff.) Since it wouldn't have a military, it subscribed to Merchantilism.

Military stuff: Edit

Disarmed nation which depends on other nations in wartime. Since it didn't have a military, it would've embargoed the Axis. (and probably a trade war?) Since it didn't have hard power, it still would be a superpower due to how rich it was and also its soft power.

Languages: Edit

  • English. (top)
  • Russian.
  • Swedish and other Nordic languages.

Parties: Edit

  • It shares Britain's "Labour" party.
  • The right is dead there, so Vaxwing is their Centrist party.

Allies: Edit

  • Moonsplinter Shogunate. (Asia would probably not be a Democracy in this timeline. Also, Asia would've never seized Taiwan to ever begin with.)
  • Free State of Osun. (Osun claims all islands in the Pacific.)
  • Burgundy. (Spanish dominance. Also means more Conquistadors and Sabres.)
  • Vlerp. (Still a spangle. Also Isle of Man and Sealand are renamed 'Vlerpian Orange Square'.)
  • Oceania. (Would-be 'Sino-Stralia' is part of Oceania, also Oceania would've found out a way to make Australia habitable. Also not the Oceania you're looking for.)
  • Green Xemh. (A radical state. Radical because it wants to "KILL ALL OF THE POLLUTING PIGS!"
  • Lorpes. (A fundamentalist African country. Its religion is Judaism.)
  • Demast. (A country with no Army, but a Navy and Coast Guard.)
  • Hodorph. (Basically 'Greater Primania' but 'Greater Primania' just wouldn't do.)

Groups: Edit

All of her allies are in "Black Circle".

Black Circle: Edit

Black Circle is an Economic,Defense and Scientific group.

Golden Shield: Edit

Amersden wouldn't have puppets, but would have colonies led by Governors. They can do whatever they want, but in the end of the day they still have to acknowledge that Amersden is their overseer. (A bit like a royal colony, but with more freedoms.)

Behind the Scenes: Edit

yes,I'm implying a different timeline.

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