Type of Government: Edit

Trotskyist state. (Or Syndicalist, tee hee.)

Flag: Edit

Black,Purple and Yellow. Americana still has America's pattern. The hammer-and-sickle is yellow, or torch-and-scythe. The Syndicalists had used a black flag during the revolution, which would be used as their battleflag.

Enemies: Edit

Still the Axis. Don't think because both are leftist means that there'd be peace. They'd still have a cold war and quarrels over if their Communism is better or not.

Religious stuff: Edit

  • Secularist (Government)
  • Traditional old tribal religions. (like what the Mayans and Inca used to believe. Probably totem poles.)
  • Atheism (Somewhat state-sponsored.)
  • Judaism (A very vocal Jewish minority exists there. They had Jews in the Soviet Union,so.. If Americana Republics was a countryball, it'd be a cube.)

Anthem: Edit

"Dawn of America!"

History: Edit

Americana had became Socialist after the Decembuary Revolution. I believe that in this alternate world, Asia wouldn't be a thing due to the fact that PRC wouldn't want to give up its sovereignty. They would've never gained a brother, but would compensate with Islandia, and giving Sakhalin independence. Cascadia would've wanted independence, resulting in a civil war with the Syndicalist state winning.

Country's animal: Edit

Polar bear.

Country's food: Edit

Cheeses. Second would be insects, a delicacy. (Insects are a delicacy in real life.)

Country's sport: Edit

  • Hockey.
  • Bowling (A pastime.)
  • Ice Skating.

Although they are Trotskyist/Syndicalist, they still enjoy sports. The people's spirit never dies,after all.

Culture: Edit

Somewhat spanish.

Language(s): Edit

  • English (officially.)

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