Abilities, weaponry: Edit

He mainly used shields and different types of shields, but also used pistols,rifles and knives from different periods of time.

His abilities were based off of Americana's bird symbol/icon. That also sorta means he could turn into a bird too.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

The "Coronel Americana" thing is based off of Captain America.

History: Edit

Americana Man was used in Americanian media, and 'propaganda'. He could be used fighting off Commies and Fascists and also Terrorists and Theocrats that hate Freedom of Speech. Americanian Man was a symbol of the nation like Captain America is a symbol of America. Besides being a symbol of Americana, he also has his own villains and is his own thing. Americana has a female counterpart too. Americanian Man was also Americana's "Uncle Sam" meaning he had the "I WANT YOU!" slogan too. "I WANT YOU to fight against Fascism!"

Allegiance: Edit


Gender: Edit


Aliases: Edit

He also went under "Americanian Man" and "Americana Man".

Race thingy: Edit

Mostly portrayed and seen as white, but could also be black.

Eye color: Edit

Green, Blue, Brown.

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