Information: Edit

Americana, or an Alternate version of the USA, has a flag, the flag being a White, Blue, and Green one. The country is prone to many civil wars, though has had many Health Care acts and stuff. Americana started from a Civil war, actually.

Americana as a landmass, has land of what is Russia, what is the US, and what is Canada (and now what was Mexico after it defeated Bonoviana (Territory)). Americana became a superpower over time.

Americana owns many territories and islands, and Americana has had a Female leader of the country before, and has passed many laws and stuff on Equality. It is in a drug war, and Americana and Asia are allies. Americana's languages are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • (and, although Latin is a dead language. they speak that)

Americanian flags: Edit

One of Americana's flags was a flag based off of the Tricolor. (the type of flag countries like Italy use.)

The colors stayed the same (White, Blue, and Green), but went in a pattern like this:

White to the left, Blue to the center, and Green to the right, or White to the left, Green in the center, and Blue in the right.

Another flag that they had was the "Freedom. Peace. Americana." flag. It was known for having "Freedom. Peace. Americana." on it, and White, Blue, Green stripes.

As said above, Americana's main flag was a White, Blue and Green flag that looked like America's flag.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

Americana's obviously based off of America. The "na" came from "Canadia". I also admit I saw the "White, Blue and Green" colorscheme somewhere.

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