Colorscheme: Edit

Yellow and Purple with a red stripe.

Altmode(s): Edit

Some sort of Motorcycle.

Weaponry: Edit

A single weapon, in case, her bow.

Specialties: Edit


Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Autobots, she was with the Misfits a long time ago. Also good.

Gender: Edit


History: Edit

She has a Japanese accent.

She and Arcee would duel against Rustspike and Powerdrive. Smokescreen would also fight Shrapnel, and slice him into two, but that wouldn't kill the lowly mini-con, as he disassembled and turned into ball bearings. She and Lifeline would then fight Red Wing and Jackal. Jackal was too much for her, so she had to team up with Jazzimus and Flashbee. Flashbee had almost killed the megalomaniac-bot, and also Jazzimus had almost finished him off, before Megatron and the other Megatron interrupted him. The other Megatron and Eve would then fight Jazzimus, and he'd then kill Eve and almost kill the third Megatron in this realm before getting interrupted again by Maximum. Jazzimus would say:"If I get interrupted again, it'll be the end for everyone!" and get angry, decapitating the strongman. Alpha would laugh, and then finish fighting the two Megatrons.

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