Weaponry: Edit

Her signature weapon was a sword, a longsword,though she used other types of swords before.

Appearance: Edit

Alonia as a person had long hair (Dare say "oh, Rapunzel syndrome" or "Why do you make your characters have long hair all the time" or "Most of your chars are female"), and had "normal" Brown hair.

She usually is seen wearing white. (and robes that showed her skin)

She also (mostly) is seen either barefoot.. ( or wearing sandals.)

Sometimes, she can be seen wearing her hair as a ponytail.

Note: Edit

Actual Note: Edit

I put "not the combiner" in her name because I'm about to do a combiner that goes by the same name..

Species: Edit

just Human.

Allegiance: Edit


History stuff: Edit

Alonia was seen fighting off Bruticus (and because she was Human) she had to Jump around alot, and reconfigure her sword so the blade was bigger and could actually touch the guy.

Alonia was later seen trying to inspire Wordgirl to go back to actually fighting Crime and stuff.

But then, she got captured by Safetycons.

Trait stuff: Edit

  • Due to hearing stuff about Jazzimus from random Autobots that usually came in the Realm, she acted like Jazzimus, a Strong-willed, heroic, noble person.

Abilities: Edit

I know, I always give my characters abilities, blah blah blah.

She can jump onto bigger things easily, and runs fast (for a h00man). She also has some form of Telekinesis.

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