Alonia is a combiner made up of an all female group of Autobots.

(psst, Alonia's limbs and Tropical Bruticus' limbs could theoretically form the insane female combiner known as Tropialonicus.)

Members (and their altmodes): Edit

  • (Leader): She transformed into a Spaceship-type thing.
  • (2IC of the Group): She transformed into a Convertible.
  • (Other notable member): She was the Triple-Changer of the group and transformed into either a Tank, or an Armored van.
  • (Other notable member): She was the Beastformer of the Group and transformed into some sort of Bird-like creature with Feline-like stuff.
  • (Other notable member): She transformed into an Object, and transformed into a Radio. To get around, it had boosters at the bottom of it.

Colorschemes: Edit

  • Leader: Hers is a Brown, Beige and Grey. The boring-colorschemed one of the Group.
  • 2IC: Hers is a Pink,Purple, and Cyan.
  • Triple-changer: Hers is Green (with different shades)
  • Beastformer: Yellow and Blue.
  • Objectformer: Orange and Black.

Limbs: Edit

  • The leader transforms into the torso, head, waist and crotch area.
  • The 2IC (Second In Command) transforms into Alonia's Right arm and hand.
  • The "Triple-Changer" transforms into Alonia's Left arm and hand.
  • The beastformer transforms into Alonia's Left leg and foot.
  • The objectformer transforms into Alonia's Right leg and foot.

Note: Edit

The members of the group, and the group itself is unnamed (for now.)

Weaponry: Edit

Alonia mainly used firearms, but used a Naginata (or whatever that Japanese weapon is called.)

History: Edit

Alonia later came across Bruticus and fought him, but was damaged due to him punching her numerous times. Alonia was then healed, and the Objectformer killed some Safetycons. The beastformer found the other Alonia, and grabbed her by her shoulders, flying back to the others of the group.

Blastoff and the Leader fought in their altmodes, and the Triple-changer and Brawl fought.

At another time, the Objectformer fought Onslaught, the Beastformer fought Swindle, and the Second in Command fought Vortex.

Optics: Edit

Alonia (overall)'s optics are Green.

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