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Latin and Greek stuff

There's a reason why I don't like Latin and Greek things. There's so many English phrases that are actually Latin,and/or stem from the two. Yes,I know English is a Germanic language. I just want to know why are we stuck in the Antiquity Age,the Age of the Roman Empire,Byzantium and so on. As in, the age before the Common Era (or AD).

People're so obsessed with Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt, ancient things in General. Just because it's old doesn't mean that it's good. This is Current Year. I am ready for new developments,new phrases, new ways. Why are we as a species stuck in the Past? We especially LOVE to reminisce. There are forums everywhere about Alternate History,which is why I do it on here. People love to ask 'What would the world be like if George Orwell's 1984 actually happened'? or 'What if The Axis won WWII?"

Hopefully,English won't be littered with so many phrases borrowed from the Antiquity Age. Hopefully,we won't be so fascinated with Byzantium and other civilizations from the past. I sound like a SJW for saying this, but stay in your own timeline. That's what I do. I love things from the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries. Oldies music (music from the seventies,eighties,I think) and things that have made America the country that we know (and possibly even love.)

Barbarians and Goth... So many words change their definitions. Did you know that the word 'Decimate' was used long,long ago? Or that Hysteria was thought to be merely a female thing? Yes,people were extremely sexist back then. Times were different.
Wanna learn English? Well,you'll have a hard time with it. If you misspell a word, the word doesn't mean the same anymore,the meaning changes as well as how it's pronounced. There's also the its/it's debacle. There's Antonyms and Synonyms,words that mean exactly the same or exactly the opposite. Figurative Language. Nouns,Pronouns, Proper nouns, Punctuation,Syllables and AEIOU,sometimes Y. (vowels and consonants.) You also have to indent the very first paragraph.

There's also American and British English.

ELA is very complicated. I spelt 'Mixedbag' as one word for stylistic and artistic reasons. If it was just 'Mixed Bag Wiki', it wouldn't be very appealing to the Human eye, now will it?

Matt Groening's (The dude who is famous for creating Futurama and The Simpsons) surname isn't pronounced 'Groaning',but like 'Graning', as in 'Grain'. I love to misspell it,sometimes. I am wishy-washy, like with Israel, I spell it as 'Isreal' sometimes and I spell it the proper way,'Israel'.

I love History,just,I don't like Ancient History. I prefer World War II and The Cold War. I like touching on Fascism,Communism and how it shaped the world.

Ironically enough, American tribes fascinate me.
Inuit,Anasazi,Iroquois,Inca,Maya,Aztec,Sioux,Cherokee,Navajo and so on. People say that I am fascinated with Communism,and I guess that's true. I've done so many Communist countries. I have even done a Communist Atlantis!
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Going in depth a bit with DF (Darth Fury)

I freaking hate that. I created it and I can't manage and stuff over my own creation like I can with Jazzimus Prime. It's kinda stupid in my opinion to be the one that creates alot of things and does most of the work, but has other people (Sakaros and other random admins.) micro-manage and shit for him. I know what I'm doing, importantly enough.

Now, time to start. Besides being a Sith Lord, Darth Makshakel Fury is a family man. He has time for Vette, a Twi'lek that was a slave and treasure hunter. He doesn't simply sit around on a throne like the other emperors do, he kicks cans. He has this legacy. His own kids look up to him, matter-of-fact, the galaxy (or Universe, Star Wars is so big) looks up to and fears him. Darth Fury isn't just some smoe. He's a Sith Elder that's very skilled both with a blade and The Force itself. I had based him off of Darth Maul, but I also wanted him to be like Sheev Palpatine, but those people at the SWFanon (Besides Savage) didn't respect that. As said, a swordsman and sorcerer but very skilled leader. You can compare him to Jazzimus, which is a thing I like to do. Basically comparing and contrasting. He also knows how to pilot though isn't like Anakin. A flyboy but I wouldn't compare him to Anakin Skywalker. He has this Fury Interceptor but doesn't need to fly it around as he has servants and droids that can do it for him. He literally isn't lazy, though everything but. He's not really Evil. Sure, he's a Sith Lord that uses the Dark Side for things. He had literally said it empowered him. Though as said with Vette, he can be caring with his own family (when he's not 'shunning' them for not keeping with his legacy if they're not Sith, Imperials, or something Darksided. He loves his daughter Quissa and is the only one that truly matters to him. Power isn't everything, it may seem like it, but it truly isn't. You need love and that's a thing he understands very well.) Besides being a family man, he's a staunch loyalist to the Sith ways. Deception? He's got that covered down-pat.

Origins (somewhat simplified):
He has two origins, one that's based off of the Sith Warrior storyline and the other's based off of the Sith Inquisitor one. Both kinda lead to the same outcomes and the same person. In Sith Inquisitor, he is a former slave.
It's unknown exactly if he's a native of Korriban or what but it's known that he took both the planet of Korriban and of Dromund Kaas as his home later on. Basically adopting them. I had previously stated that he's a Sith Elder, and he is. He was born before the Old Republic but his family (His mother and such.) is the thing I don't go into. He would later meet Darth Plagueis and learn how he did it, so that he could prolong his life using Sith Sorcery and all of the techniques he had learned. I know that kinda sounds like a Mary Sue, which is why I killed him off on that wiki. He died VIA assassination, a shot to the head by a sniper. It seems kinda weak. Monstrosity (My version of Khem Val but still a Dashade) went out dying in a blaze of glory since he was a warrior. It would make sense for a Sith Warrior to die like one. In my headcanon, I don't kill him off since I love him but due to recent events, I'm backing away from Darth Makshakel Fury. (though not his Legacy.)

Now, back to what I was saying: Darth Fury has two masters due to his two origins. Darth Zash and Darth Baras. Darth Baras is a meme due to the fact he's fat, and Darth Zash is this sorceress that had said that knowledge is power. She cares alot about knowledge, and in my opinion, doesn't look like the one to fight but looks like the one that would know alot of trivia on the enemy. She'd know their weaknesses, etc.

I have played both the Sith Warrior and Inquisitor storylines. I haven't finished the Inquisitor story yet, but I know more about Darth Zash than I know about Darth Baras. Baras kinda seems like the stoic archetype, so I guess there's two stoic Sith (Darth Baras and Darth Jadus.).

In his Sith Inquisitor origin, he would grow to despise the xenophobic Overseer (I forgot his name..) and kill him. With hatred. Darth Fury knows alot of stuff about Hatred, Fear and Misery but he had though that the Overseer had merely went too far. Fury's cruel, but the Overseer-whose-name-I've-forgot was crueler than the Emperor's Wrath and future Emperor. Fury had learned to master his anger and use it as a weapon. He knows that it equals Mass Destruction, but he's no Jedi. He doesn't hide his emotions and pretend they don't exist. He uses them and doesn't allow them to take them over. They might look like they had taken the Marauder over, but they truly didn't. It's simply a mask.

Darth Fury is everything but Savage. He's not like Jackal and doesn't need to kill five people a day. He's kinda brutish though civil at the same time. He may be a loyalist of the Sith Order, but also unorthodox at the same time and had tried to shape his destiny and not let Fate dictate it. He had succeeded and now his last name is a household name. Sure, there might not be a few people that know of his son and the rest of his family, but when they hear of "Darth Fury, the Emperor's Wrath" they know what you're talking about.

I know he sounds like a Mary Sue, but it has kinda gone past me.

If you're narrow-minded like Darthfish, I know what you're going to say. You're going to be like:"PRIMAL, ALL OF YOUR CHARACTERS ARE MARY SUES, YOU LET JAZZ HOG THE SPOTLIGHT. YOU NEVER ALLOW YOUR CHARACTERS TO DIE, etc." and come at me with so much hatred instead of being civil. I may sound like a hypocrite because I use my own anger in flamewars, but that's because I'm tired of trolls on the Internet thinking they can hate on everything. They think they're better than everyone on the planet, like Ana Kasperian from The Young Turks. They don't know when to chill down.

Also, I know exactly what a Mary Sue is. Mary Sues are these one-dimensional characters that have everything go good for them. They're uber-powerful. Some of them are orphaned, heck, ALL of them are. Mary Sues never die. We make fun of those here, and when I mean 'we', I mean myself and Benman56 on this wiki. I also mean 'we' when I'm talking about my friends in real life and on the Internet.
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So, being the first female character in a game is special?

I'm sick and tired of this SJW Feminism mess. I'm also sick and tired of waiting for The Silent Majority to not be silent anymore and fucking do something. Fandom just made an article about the first Super Saiyan in DBZ, then fucking made a second. There had no real need for a female sayian yet. Why don't feminists, or anyone else just focus on the damn story instead of inserting their own characters? They also ruined Marvel Comics trying to make Black,Lesbian, Otherkin,etc characters there without making new villains, villainesses and heroines that have good backstories. They just made Dr.Doom good, ruining his character. (I don't like comics, or care about them that much, but I know what the hell I'm talking about.) I'm also tired of 'Mansplaining' being a thing. I'm not gonna sit here and watch this anymore. I'm gonna return to making rants again like I did on the Transfanon (On my profile.)
I'm also not going to freaking just talk about geek stuff, I'm going to talk about Politics. Yes, Muslims are very violent and that's because of Islam. (Go Google that.) Yes, we need to build a wall. No, we don't need to be in a Climate Change treaty. Climate Change doesn't freaking exist. I'm also sick and tired of hearing that another terrorist from Pakistan or somewhere just bombed a city in Switzerland or England, or even in America. I'm also sick and tired of cucks not standing up for themselves and also seeing effeminate men and trannies everywhere.

I'm also tired of seeing Hillary Clinton's ugly face.
PS: Kathy Griffin is very un-American, and that wasn't a joke. No one thought that was funny. She just held up a faux Trump head all bloodied and tried to revive her career. She doesn't deserve her fame.
Also, why is Trump's typo trending? Every-fucking-one makes typos. Even I. We're all Human. (Covfefe.)
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